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About Us

We are glad you are visiting our site! Based in southeastern Illinois, our team consists of very passionate and enthusiastic paranormal researchers dedicated to helping others while progressively learning from each investigation.

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Our Work

There are many paranormal (or ghost hunting) teams around the world with different views and styles on studying the paranormal. Using specific paranormal equipment, our team will try to find solid evidence in each case so that we can provide answers to our clients as best as we can. We will try to re-enact an activity to see if there is any possible way it can be explained. If there is any chance that we are completely unsure about what we have captured, we will most likely toss it out, as we do not want to provide our clients with false information. We are very professional, respectful, and experienced in our field. And, as it should be, we never charge for our services. We are simply here to help and assist in any way we can. Please contact us if there is a location that you or someone you know needs investigating or a second opinion on. We are always here and willing to help, as no one should be living in fear.

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We are always open & welcome to other paranormal research groups who would like to share and discuss ideas and investigative techniques. As we all know, it is a constant learning experience in this field!